Introducing Thread Tweets, For You to Read, Write And Share

One of my favourite pass times while making my way through the morning and afternoon traffic in Pretoria, South Africa is to check what is trending on twitter. I’ve come to realize that more and more people have taken up the practice of sharing full on stories by making tweets reply to the ones that came before them. This neat technique not only allows twitter users to post content that goes beyond the 140 character limit. But it also opens up a new medium of story telling which is very refreshing to see from time to time.

Out of shear FOMO I decided to develop an Android app to curate the best Threads on Twitter. But due to some chain reaction of ideas that came to me while I was putting it together I ended up making an app that also made it quick and easy for Twitter users to write, read and share threads on the social media platform. And it is ready for you to use here.


Write Threads Like A Boss

If you ever wrote a thread you know how patient you have to be to speak your mind. Because your thread is written and posted to twitter 140 characters at a time. You have to wait for the tweet to go through and show up on your twitter interface before you can reply to it and continue your story. As a consequence an average Twitter user would take 4 minutes to post a 4 tweet thread. That is one minute spent on posting 140 character(s). Even though the average smartphone user can type 50 or more words (roughly +/-330 characters) per minute, the posting process to twitter cuts the number of words and characters they can write per minute in half. Making writing more content a very long process. Even longer if you are posting media in your thread. Which is why most Twitter users spend hours on their threads.

Luckily, with the Thread Tweets app you can just write your story as quick as you can type it and post the tweets in one go. Saving you the time you would’ve lost from waiting for each tweet to post. Thanks to how the UI is setup. One can also add visual media to create a more intriguing story.

Read Threads Without Pause

Once you done writing you can then see what others are posting. And enjoy the stories you find interesting. And also you will probably find some of the most interesting uses of the Twitter Thread. With twitter users such as Okay Wasabi who some how came up with the idea of hosting a full on reality TV show on the twitter platform. Complete with commericial breaks, crowd participation, contenders and special guests. Don’t believe me? Open the below tweet in a new tab and see for yourself.

Share Threads Without Pause

Of course no curation app is complete without a feature to share content right? So yes! Download the app. Hunt the threads that you like and share with the world!!!